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On April 18-21 we are heading to Houston, TX, USA for the 2018 FIRST Championship! Keep updated via our social media channels and blog.

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The companies that support our team to run each season and are helping us promote a bright future for STEM in Australia. 

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Sample Motor Selection and Gearing

These notes use some simple science (maths and physics) to select a suitable motor and transmission for the FIRST 2015 FRC Challenge which requires the lifting of "totes" and "containers".

The game strategy for Team 5584 is to assemble the stack of totes with a container on top on the robot itself. This requires the robot to lift the the entire stack of up to six totes and one container.

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Robot turning circle maths

Many FRC robots make use of a tank drive - that is, all wheels on the left of the robot (the left wheelset) are mechanically linked to run at the same speed and driven by a single or cluser of two or more motors that are driven at the same power either by direct drive or via more often a gearbox. An identical arrangement is used to drive the wheels on the right of the robot (the right wheelset) .

The left and right wheelsets are controlled independently. If both wheelsets are driven at the same speed and direction then the robot travels in straight line forwards. If both
wheelsets are driven in the other direction then the robot travels in a straight line backwards. If the wheelsets are driven at different speeds and/or different directions then the robot will travle some form of curved path. Calcualting the radius of this curved path (or turining circle) for a tank drive robot is the topic of this article.

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